Baldota at Your Doorstep

With the availability of expertise in multi-disciplinary fields & a unique blend of years of experience in mechanical field matched with core strength of Electronics & Process Instrumentation Engineers, always find Baldota right at your doorstep offering services with most productive and timely solutions.

Chemical Petrochemical Industry

Meeting the needs of major national and international clients in this market has been a focus as SMAR provides equipment, systems, solutions and commodities to the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Ethanol Industry

Currently, more than 90% of the local sugar ethanol mills and distilleries in Brazil utilize SMAR automation.

Food & Beverage Industry

For more than 30 years in the business, SMAR has offered solutions, equipment and control and supervisory systems to the food & beverage industry.


With widely accepted applications for the Steel and Mining sectors, SMAR has a team with vast field experience, particularly with systems that offer complete solutions for the several subdivisions of this industrial arena.

Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas sector is one of the most competitive in the global economy and relies on SMAR as an important supplier of equipment and services in major oil producing regions.

Pulp & Paper Industry

SMAR produces a wide range of applications utilized in the pulp and paper industry and has developed devices and systems with the most advanced technologies for a premium cost to benefit ratio.

Sugar Industry

Since its foundation in 1974, SMAR has maintained a close relationship with the many sugar and alcohol production facilities been supportive and ongoing development solutions to address this market.

Water And Wastewater Industry

With a strong presence in the Water & Sewage sector, SMAR offers complete solutions for the automation of water and sewage treatment stations.