TT301 HART Intelligent Temperature Transmitter

TT301 HART Intelligent Temperature Transmitter

The Smar TT301 is a powerful and extremely versatile programmable temperature transmitter, which can be used with practically all relevant temperature sensors as well as with load cells, resistance position indicators, etc. The TT301 transmitter is suitable for direct field installation, being weather and explosion proof as well as intrisically safe.

As the same unit can be used for different measuring ranges and many types of sensors, the plant can be standardized using the TT301 in measurements where different types of conventional (analog) transmitters were previously necessary. This drastically reduces calibration and maintenance time, spare part requirements and trainning. It also allows the TT301 to be purchased before measurement and control parameters are known.

TT301 (HART® protocol) can be configured by:

  • Smar CONF401 for Windows and UNIX;
  • Smar DDCON100 for Windows and UNIX;
  • Smar HPC301 for several models of Palms*;

Also other manufacturers’ configuration tools based on DD (Device Description) or DTM (Device Type Manager), such as AMSTM, FieldCareTM, PACTwareTM, HHT275, HHT375 and PRM Device Viewer. For management and diagnostics, AssetView ensures continuous information monitoring.
*Requires HI311 (HART Serial Interface).

Product Description

• Excellent long term stability due to auto-zero at the input circuit
• 2-wire, 4-20 mA output plus direct digital communication
• Special 16-point sensor characterization
• Update output current in 0.5 s with
1.5 microA/bit resolution
• Improved performance due to dedicated math coprocessor
• Multidrop operation mode
• PID control function
• Match sensor (Callendar Van Dusen equation)
• Maximum, minimum and average input sensor selection, also working with two sensors simultaneously
• Pt1000 included in sensor list
• Setpoint generator function
• Supports DTM, DD and EDDL