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Baldota Group is one of the largest multi-disciplined business enterprise in India operating from its permanent base in Mumbai. From its humble beginning in the year 1987, it has now grown as an established business conglomerate during its 30 years of operation.

Feature Products

Project and Plant Engineers can rely on us for process instruments from Smar, Lumel, Doosan HF Control and other global leading manufacturers.


We are a group of EPC engineers and work on large infrastructure projects


Baldota has an experienced pool of Process Instrumentation Engineers to provide correct diagnosis of installed field instruments & the most effective solutions for corrective maintenance.

Erection And Commissioning

Baldota has the experience and capacity to perform turnkey installations for the complete scope of the project including erection, commissioning, project management and construction.

NABL Testing and Calibration Facilities

Facilitated with highly accurate Mechanical & Electronic measuring Instruments & set-ups, Baldota Test & Calibration Laboratory (BTCL) has a wide range of Testing & Calibration facilities accredited by NABL.

Why Choose Us ?

Baldota partners with worlds leading manufacturers of Field Instrument Accessories & Control Systems.

Availability of complete range of field instruments for measuring and controlling of process parameters like Pressure, Temperature, Concentration, Flow, Density, etc

Baldota is driven by a combination of Core Mechanical and Electronic product manufacturing facilities complementing each other.

The mechatronics strength is the foundation of Baldota which helps in accomplishing its goal of being a Total Solution Provider of diverse applications in the field of Instrumentation.

Core strength of Baldota organization can be characterized in the available In-House Test Facilities.

Temperature ageing oven, Dry & Damp Heat Chamber, Helium Leak Test Facilities, LOCA Chamber are few among the many available test facilities ensuring products comply to the process requirements.

ISO 9001 – QMS

Baldota has established effective QMS focused on improving client satisfaction and continuous improvement of its organization.

ISO/IEC 17025 – NABL

Baldota has standardized its in-house test facilities & procedures with National & International standards.

Baldota Test & Calibration Laboratory(BTCL) is accredited by NABL in accordance with International standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005


Baldota intensely focuses on compliance with Product Safety Standards for its manufacturing facilities.

Baldota is certified by FM Approvals for use of FM Approved Marking on its manufactured products ensuring that they meet highest property loss prevention product testing & certification standard.

Baldota has demonstrated its ability and competence to customize & develop mechanical & electronic industrial field products in applications which have special process and environment conditions.

Diligent & committed technical experts have been successful in productive Research & Development at Baldota. High Radiation – Nuclear Qualified Transmitter is the most recent developments at Baldota.

Our Partners

Smar has become the largest manufacturer of process control instruments in Brazil. Globally, it is well known as a supplier of products and solutions for the industrial automation market.

Contact us now and give your project a boost.

We are process instrumentation engineers.

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